Auto Repair in Willits, CA

Auto Repair
We provide a variety of basic auto repair services, including services for brakes, radiator repairs, axles, batteries, etc. We also take care of driveability concerns such as handling issues, noises, check engine light codes, and more. We specialize in OE specified maintenance intervals; major and minor. We will walk you through the process, helping you make informed decisions. Onward Auto Repair is pleased to be able to work on most makes and models of both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Has your car lost its “get up and go” attitude? If you’re having problems with your transmission, the transmission repair experts at Onward Auto Repair can help. Using advanced computer diagnostics, we can determine the nature of your transmission issue and both recommend and complete any needed transmission service in Willits, CA.

Radiation Repair


Whether it’s an issue with your interior or exterior lights, your automatic windows or any other electronic component, our team is equipped to diagnose the problem and get it fixed for you. Vehicle electronics play a key role in safety, comfort and your overall driving experience, and there’s no need to live with a nuisance when you can get it fixed by trustworthy professionals.

Auto Repair

Maintenance Services

Here at Onward Auto Repair, we also offer routine maintenance services such as tire rotation, lube, oil, and filter changes. Keeping up to date with scheduled maintenance will help your car run more efficiently. You’ll avoid the potential for expensive damage that could cost a lot more down the road. Manufacturers recommend a service schedule that will allow you to maintain your car’s performance. These recommended guidelines can help your vehicle will perform better, enjoy improved fuel economy, and more. No matter your activity, driving the kids to school or family road trips Onward Auto Repair has got you covered for all of your maintenance needs.

Transmission Service

Mufflers and Exhaust

If your vehicle is excessively noisy or doesn’t sound the way you’d prefer, you might be in the market for our expert muffler repair service. For better performance, come see us to get your exhaust system checked out.

Diagnostic Services & Digital Vehicle Inspections

Any noise or irregular change in your vehicle can be checked out for a diagnostic service here at Onward Auto Repair. Initial code pulls are free and it only takes about an hour to do a full diagnosis for your vehicle. We utilize DVI which is a tool for conducting vehicle inspections electronically. This allows our clients to receive instant, clean, and clear information on any device about their vehicle’s overall health. Be aware of future vehicle problems by getting a digital vehicle inspection. New customers get 1 hour credit for a 2 hour DVI.